What Makes the British Pub So Special?

The British pub is loved all around the world, and in many places envied as well. It is not just a place to drink beer, and it is so different to American-style bars and European cafes. The British pub is the focal point of the community, it is a place to get and relay local news and to spend quality time with friends and family. But what makes the British pub so special? We will aim to provide the answers to why the pub is such an institution and loved so much.


Drinking establishments around the world are so different to the British pub, European counterparts focus on food, whereas American-style bars are places just to drink and keep your own company. But British pubs can be quiet and relaxing places to read the Sunday newspapers, or lively establishments with pub-games and trivia quizzes.

The atmosphere of a traditional pub is welcoming, perhaps with a blazing fire and a few locals spreading the most recent gossip. You can sip a delicious pint of real ale whilst reflecting upon the issues of the day, such as the latest performance from your football team.


British pubs are steeped in history, many of the pubs in the countryside are charming old black and white buildings that have changed little since they were old coaching inns. They are packed with quintessential British charm and features that include, real fireplaces, low ceilings, and wooden beams to crack your head upon.

Imaginative names such as, The Pig and Whistle, or the Frog and Lettuce add humor and fun to these charming places. Many such pubs have remained the same for centuries, and can teach many things of the local history where they are situated.

Pub Grub

One of the best and most economical ways to eat out in Britain is by going to the local pub. Good British pub grub is some of the best food that you can find in the UK, it is hearty, nutritious and above all great value for money.

If you really want to sample traditional British food then the pub is the best place to go. Traditional simple fare can be found such as, Sunday Roast Dinner, Toad in the Hole, Cottage Pie, Fish and Chips, and Sausage and Mash. Sundays are traditionally for families and the expectation of Roast Beef with all the trimmings sends the tummy rumbling.


The traditional British pub is famous for serving a wide array of craft beers, local real ales, ciders and are great places just to hang out and join in on the conversation. You will find that the choice of ales will change as you travel from place to place and every pub is proud of its local brewery and locally produced beer.

Of course, the pub is also famous for the different pub games that have been around for centuries that keep patrons amused during their visit. You can find, bar billiards, darts, skittles, quiz nights and all other manner of fun activities that bring fun and laughter to an evening. What other institution can offer so much?