Successful bars in Britain that are not public houses

In modern day Britain there are many occasions when bars are required to make any successful social gathering a success. This is particularly true when there are entertainment and celebratory events. These bars however, bear little resemblance to the British pub and their features are totally dependent on what is required to make the occasion a success.

The West End of London is full of world class theatre that each week attract thousands of visitors who come and view the shows. The bars are quite unique as they have a relatively short window of time in which to operate in.

The Mahogany Bar at Wilton’s music hall theatre

They do attract good business before the start of the performance but it is during the half time interval when they have to be at their most alert and their most organized. The 15-20 minute break requires the bar staff to work at great speed in order the customers get their much needed refreshments.

The Mahogany Bar at Wilton’s music hall theatre

The other reason why they must work efficiently is the average theatre audience are likely to buy high end drinks which will provide the theatre with high profit margins. This will enable them to gain great financial benefit from having a fast and efficient bar service.

The Griffin one of Brentford FC’s four corner pubs

Sports venues are renowned for having certain pubs that the fans like to visit before attending home matches. This has in the past caused tension and violent outbursts when visiting supporters have tried to enter these pubs. One of the most famous relationships between the local pub and the stadium occurs at Griffin Park in West London.

The Griffin one of Brentford FC’s four corner pubsThe home of Brentford FC is famous for having four pubs on each corner of its stadium. The building of the new stadiums has for a large extent done away with the relationship between the local pub and the football ground.

The reason for this is that the new stadiums have designed bars where the customers’ drinks are served quickly. They are designed to cope with huge numbers of people descending on the bar and the quality of the draught beers in these stadiums has improved over time as the clubs have attempted to get the supporters to buy their drinks inside the stadium as opposed to them taking their custom elsewhere.

Harlequins Rugby Club have gone a step further and have tried to entice supporters to stay after the game to enjoy more drinks. They have attempted to do this by providing live music with local bands playing after the match has finished.

The Champagne bar Ascot

Outdoor events in the summer months gives the alcoholic industry more opportunities to sell their produce in a variety of ways. The champagne bar at Ascot Racecourse gives customers the opportunity to buy drinks of the highest quality vintage. The mark up of the product is so high that the amount of bottles that needs to be sold in order to make it a success is relatively few.

The Champagne bar AscotIf champagne is at the top end of drinks that are purchased then Cider is at the other end. However, cider is seen as a summer drink so there are many occasions and festivals, where cider bars, and tents are set up to sell the drink.

Each year at the Glastonbury Festival situated next to the main stage is the Somerset Cider bus. From an old adapted double decker bus different types of ciders are sold to thirsty customers. The bus has been attending the event for the last thirty years and the unusual nature of this bar makes it as attractive as the produce it sells.

Cider is a type of drink that is ideal to sell outside of the normal traditional pub. The rural nature of the drink, with the impression is that every farm in the West Country produces its own cider, makes it ideal to be served out of temporary tents.

The cider tent at the Royal Bath and West Show

One of the biggest agricultural shows in the United Kingdom is the Royal Bath and West Show. Each year one of the most popular beer tents is the cider tent. As well as hosting the awards for the top cider producers in the country, it also proves a popular refreshment stop to those people who want to sample some of the nation’s best ciders.

The cider tent at the Royal Bath and West ShowThere is something appealing about the traditional public house that has attracted the working class population of the country. There is a downside side to this relationship as there are some people who wish to enjoy their drinks in high class bars.

Many people have enjoyed drinking in establishments with strict dress code policies. This for years has been the case in the casinos. Many casinos in the past have insisted on a high standard of dress from those entering the premises, as the image they have wanted to portray is reflected by these high standards.

Once inside a casino customers experience high quality service and in many establishments the drinks are not expensive. Often they are accompanied by free buffets. The casino see the bars as a way of enticing customers in, as they make their real money form the money that is won and lost on the tables and machines.

The recent trend has seen the casinos trying to make their venues even more attractive and dress codes have certainly been relaxed. The gambling world has been rocked by the creation of numerous on-line gambling sites such as Gamblers do not need to leave their rooms in order to play their favorite games, so the casinos are trying harder than ever to entice customers through the doors with high quality bars and other attractions.

The public house will always play an important part of the United Kingdom’s culture. However, recent times has seem other bars proving just as popular which means the traditional pubs can no longer take their trade for granted.