The Pub Games – Part 1

For many years, pub landlords have tried to devise different ways to entice people into their pubs, especially the ones who do not necessarily come to enjoy a beer. When groups of people arrive in a pub, there are a number of them who are not drinking, so the establishments have tried to create other entertainments that will encourage people to choose their bars over local rivals. At no time has this been more prevalent than today, as governments around the world are trying to eliminate any amount of drinking (of alcohol) and driving. This has made it even more essential for pubs to try and make it as attractive as possible for people who are not visiting to drink anything intoxicating. This has been done by making the area look as attractive as possible. Pub beer gardens have made the prospect of drinking outside available during nice weather and there is often a play area outside for families to enjoy.

A lot of entries for the pub quiz

Pubs have raised the standard of the food that is available, and there are evenings arranged that are aimed at the family and not just the hardened drinkers. Pub quizzes have emerged, and each bar personalizes their own format. For example, some will involve free food in the form of buffets; and the popularity has seen pubs receive many entries. Any money that the pubs invest on the food is recuperated in what the customers drink. Some quizzes will revolve around various subjects, while others are aimed at specialized topics, such as the pub sports quiz. Sports are a great way to attract customers and this has only increased since football is now televised by satellite television stations. All types of sports are shown live in action, and pubs now have set a side area for their customers to watch broadcasted sport. Pubs even publish timetables for the months ahead, showing what events are going to be televised. Some pubs have actual sports teams that play in certain leagues. The pub football league is popular in most British cities, with the majority of fixture being on Sunday mornings. After the games, the home side will then host their opposition in their home pub with free food. Once again, any earnings lost is made up by the drinks consumed by the thirsty sportsmen.

The Lewinski Golfing Bar in Pattaya, Thailand

One form of sports bars that is popular in Thailand and is starting to emerge in the UK is golf bars. The bar will arrange the golf booking and the transport and the players will go and play their game. The bar will run the daily competition and afterwards the players will return to the bar to partake in the prize giving ceremony. The idea, of course, is to get the people in through the door. Most restaurants claim that the majority of the profit that they make is due the drinks sold, as it provides the biggest profit margin. The same is true in bars, so the manager’s number one priority is to fill their pub. From this point forwards, any drinks sold provides an attractive profit for proprietors.